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Hackers in Education isn't a group or a non-profit. It's simply an initiative with the following mission and vision:

Mission Statement

To empower hackers and information security professionals with the tools, skills, and resources needed to educate their local school system and police departments. 


To educate students and adults about cyber security topics; including cyber bullying, online stranger contact, phishing awareness, account and password security, and online security hygiene.

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Elementary Syllabus Draft

This weekend HiE worked on some draft course syllabus for elementary, middle and high schools. Lots of work to do but we are moving forward. Link to the doc (found in the Content Folder as well):

Let's do this!

In this blog I will be trying to chronicle interactions on a new initiative. I am starting to work on a project that will help to educate police departments, specifically for their grade school education and instruction sessions. (Hopefully this will turn quickly into a 'we') Here is the why: I have taught my kids about cyber security since they were old enough to hold an tablet. This however doesn't scale well. I have also reached out to my kids schools to talk and teach about Cyber Security there. Again, this doesn't scale well. It however hit me when I was talking to Ben at DerbyCon 2017 , that I'm just some random person to these kids, someone easily ignored and only around once a year. I remembered back to one of my kid's school events where the police officer that was talking to them had their undivided attention. I remembered how they talked about strangers and drugs and bullies. Why not one more topic? Why not cyber security? The great thing abo